Your Own Business App With A Few Clicks

Build your own and individual business App in no time. Let your employees collect data offline with their mobile devices. Then integrate the data seemlessly into your existing IT-infrastructre. Thanks to cloud technology the data is available instantly for your company and can be synchronized e.g. with Microsoft Excel, databases or your existing corporate software.

Why modanBusinessForms?


  • Problem solved! Use individual mobile forms to collect your business data on- or offline.
  • Innovative: Provide your employees already pre-filled forms or orders.
  • Unique concept: Take advantage of a real Native App now - for professional daily use.
  • Focused on business data: Secure, reliable, rights management, full integration into your existing IT environment, hosted in Switzerland.
  • Profitable: No one-time project costs and cheaper than each individually created App!

And This Is What modanBusinessForms Offers You

modanBusinessForms is a native Android app. It makes data capture possible from different data sources. Captured data can be exported by either sending e-mails directly from the app, by exporting selected data from the AppCenter or by using a complete integration directly into your IT system.

You can now capture data and tables you have been maintaining up to now e.g. in Microsoft Excel using your mobile device and modanBusinessForms. The data captured by you and your employees are stored securely in the cloud. From the cloud you can reimport your data into Excel at any time or if necessary link them dynamically as well, so that new data and changes automatically flow into the Excel file set up locally on your server.

This is how up-to-date mobile data capture works today!


Surveys Or Checklists? The App Is Ready For Your Requirements

modanBusinessForms by modan software represent the pioneering form of capturing and managing data with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets independent of time and place for enterprises from all industries. It allows in an easy way the creation of a customized application that is based on the individual needs of the company and easy to operate. 

High Adaptability And Flexibility

The large amount of leeway for customization in the specific design of the app allows for almost unlimited application options – in your industry and your enterprise as well. Necessary adjustments and changes to the app can be implemented easily at any time. And at any time you can also equip additional employees with modanBusinessForms if needed.

Extensive Data Types

Versatile Application Options

The application options of modanBusinessForms is extensive. The app is also suitable for your business to collect mobile data.

A selection of applications:
  • Creation of reports by field service or service employees
  • Data capture at trade fairs
  • Creation and management of check lists
  • Execution of (customer satisfaction) surveys
  • Set up of monitoring instruments
  • Performing quantitative levies
  • and much more – such as e.g. your specific application! These are just a few examples for using modanBusinessForms. Once set up according to your needs, changes can still be made at any time.


Do You Manage Buiness Data With Microsoft Excel?

No problem. Dispatch your orders directly to your employees. You fill the app with individual default data and assign each employee e.g. orders or inspections. After data capture with a mobile device you automatically save the data back into your database or Excel.

Integrating The App Into Your Company’s IT

modanBusinessForms is more than just an App-Builder. Rather, you get a Business App that can be integrated directly into your corporate IT via a standardized interface.


Free Or Premium?


  • $88 per Year and Employee

  • Unlimited number of Apps
  • Unlimited number of Employees possible

Functions Premium
All functions and question types of the free version, and...

Integration into your Business Processes

Partially automated Integration with Microsoft Excel (with Office Add-In)

Completely automated Integration (via Web Service and API) is possible